How much milk do I need to use?

Less than a table spoon


Can I use frozen breast milk?

Yes, you can use it, just got to make sure to bring it to room temperature before mixing into the solutions.


Anyone can make the Jewel?

Yes, it is a very straightforward process; your kit will include a step-by-step flyer with pictures as well as a link to a Video explaining everything.


How many jewels can I make with 1x Kit?

From 1 to 2 jewels, it will depend on your choice of shape, as some will require more solution that the others.


Will my jewel change color with time?

Breast Milk is an organic product therefore variations in color are expected with time.


How long will my jewel last?

If following the correct steps in the making of the jewel as well as maintenance, your piece should last forever.


Does the Kit have warranty?

We will provide total satisfaction into the completion of your Jewel, if you find any trouble in any of the steps please contact us at support@goldrop.com.au and we will provide assistance.