What to Avoid


Avoid storing the piece in direct sunlight. This is not to say your piece cannot be worn outside, just do not let it sit for prolonged periods of time in direct light.


Chemicals are present in more items than we think: perfumes, lotions, shampoos, soaps, nail polish, etc. Lotions and perfumes can be worn while wearing your jewellery, but we do recommend using these items before putting your jewellery on and not after you are wearing it.

Cleaning and Storage

To prevent your jewellery from being damaged, it is extremely important to keep the piece clean to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that can come in contact with the organic material in it, your breast milk.
Wash with mild soap and water and let it dry naturally before using again or storing.

Store it in a cool, dark and dry area. Humidity can be a breeding ground for tarnish

Overall, the treatment of your jewellery should be filled with respect, joy, and love. Discolouration with time is expected as it is an organic product, to avoid scratching and tarnishing it is up to you to see to its care. Please feel free to wear your jewellery every moment of every day and follow these tips and tricks to keep your jewellery forever.

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